19 Easy Gluten Free Lunch

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Discover quick gluten free lunch ideas for meal prep. Try gluten-free sandwiches, healthy high-protein wraps, and high-protein salads. Pack gluten-free lunchbox ideas for kids or create a gluten-free bento box. Enjoy gluten-free vegetarian lunch ideas and gluten-free dairy-free lunches. From gluten-free pasta recipes, and gluten-free chicken recipes, to gluten-free egg recipes, we have them all. Find creative gluten-free recipes that are satisfying and nutritious.

easy gluten free lunch ideas for work

Must Try Gluten Free Lunches

19. One Pot Penne Alfredo

Credit: Unbound Wellness

18. Garlic Sesame Noodles

Credit: Eat With Clarity

17. Lemon Chicken Piccata

Credit: Paleo Running Momma

16. Stuffed Potato Cakes

Credit: Ela Vegan

15. Roasted Broccoli Quinoa Salad

Credit: Eating Bird Food

14. Chicken & Dumplings

Credit: Noshtastic

13. Potato Soup

Credit: Peel With Zeal

12. Buffalo Cauliflower

Credit: Lovely Delites

11. Harissa Grilled Cheese

Credit: Strength And Sunshine

10. One Pot Taco Pasta

Credit: Contentedness Cooking

9. Scalloped Potatoes

Credit: Mama Shire

8. Quesadillas with Black Beans

Credit: Ela Vegan

7. Gluten-Free Enchiladas

Credit: Gluten Free Palate

6. Gnocchi With Garlic Cream Tomato Sauce

Credit: Contentedness Cooking

5. Chinese Honey Chicken

Credit: Whitney Bond

4. Chicken Salad With Grapes

Credit: Nyssa’s Kitchen

3. Instant Pot Greek Chicken & Rice

Credit: What Molly Made

2. Greek Pasta Salad

Credit: Chelsey Amer Nutrition

1. Egg Roll In a Bowl

Credit: Winnie’s Balance


easy gluten free lunch ideas for work


Q. Are all seasonal ingredients gluten-free?

While most seasonal ingredients are naturally gluten-free, it’s essential to double-check and read labels, especially for processed or packaged items.

Q. Can I find gluten-free options at farmer’s markets?

Farmer’s markets often offer a range of gluten-free options, including fresh produce, meats, and baked goods made with gluten-free flour. However, it’s always a good idea to inquire about ingredients and preparation methods.

Q. How can I store seasonal produce for longer use?

To extend the shelf life of seasonal produce, store them properly. Some vegetables and fruits can be refrigerated, while others are best kept in a cool, dark place. Freezing or canning can also help preserve seasonal ingredients.

Q. Can I find gluten-free lunch recipes using seasonal ingredients online?

Absolutely! There are numerous websites and blogs dedicated to gluten-free cooking and seasonal recipes. Browse through them to find inspiration and try new ideas.

Q. How can I ensure I’m getting a balanced gluten-free lunch?

To ensure a balanced meal, aim to include a source of protein, healthy fats, fiber, and carbohydrates in your gluten-free lunch. Incorporate seasonal ingredients from different food groups to achieve a well-rounded meal.

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